Hussain Sajwani: Legacy Leader in Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani, a legacy leader in the Middle Eastern real estate industry is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the highly recognized DAMAC Properties. The company is headquartered in Dubai and was established in 2002. Emirati national, Hussain Sajwani met a destined opportunity in early 2000. Here, he discerned a great number of businesses taking advantage of Dubai’s decree that allotted foreigners to partake in property development.

Being of an entrepreneurial background, Hussain Sajwani leaped at the chance to invest. There, he successfully managed to speedily generate returns on his property. His newfound endeavor sparked the creation of DAMAC Properties. The businessman began cultivating his processes, from marketing to administration in order to produce different results and garner measurable sustainability. The grand visionary created a niche in luxury construction. He aspired to deliver high-end opulence and experiences within every installment.

Before long, Mr. Sajwani’s installments became known for the excitement and extravagance that they embodied. DAMAC Properties has constructed in paramount lands of Dubai, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha, and London. The company is reaching new plateaus by developing projects in other core regions such as North Africa, Lebanon, and the Far East. Mr. Sajwani’s group has engineered more than 19,000 apartments to date, with an addition of over 44,000 units in various levels of the development stages.

Hussain Sajwani has leveraged his business relationships with several industry influencers to create revolutionary installments. He teamed up with Donald Trump in order to execute two Trump-branded luxury golf and leisure communities in Dubai. One of the leisure installments hailed as the ‘Best Golf Development’ in the world at London’s International Property Awards. Mr. Sajwani also collaborated extensively with fashion moguls like Versace, Bugatti, Fendi, and Cavalli to bring enhancement and unmatched style to the interiors of his posh apartments and villas. Hussain Sajwani has established a rich heritage of elegance and style in real estate development market. He looks forward to future endeavors where he can promote sustainable impact on the landscapes of tomorrow.

DAMAC Owner Ready to Build New Tower at AYKON City

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani has issued tender in order to begin work on a second tower at AYKON City. This project, reportedly the most ambitious real estate endeavor ever undertaken by Sajwani and his Dubai based company, is a luxury residential property on Sheikh Zayed Road, which overlooks the Dubai Canal.


This second tower for AYKON City is expected to be 1.7 million square feet in size. It will feature 49 residential floors, a lifestyle and entertainment level, ten podium levels, and three basements. DAMAC Properties Senior Vice President – Commercial Mohammed Tahaineh said the site development is progressing at a rapid pace, with piling work having been completed. He added a new construction partner should be brought on board in May of 2018. DAMAC has already secured the services of China State Construction Engineering Corporation to build one of its towers at AYKON City.


DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s AYKON City luxury master development is planned for six towers, with a city like infrastructure within Dubai. Along with residential spaces, AYKON City also features a hotel and offices. The overall plan for the development envisions the AYKON Plaza, which will have beach clubs, restaurants, cafes, swimming pools, spas, and exercise areas. Since AYKON City was launched, it has won two awards; Best Hotel Architecture in Dubai and Best Mixed-Use Architecture Dubai – Highly Commended. Both awards were given out in 2016.


DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani started out in the catering business in 1983, and was awarded a contract to provide food services for U.S. forces during Operation Desert Storm. He later branched out into real estate, and in 2002 formed DAMAC Properties. Sajwani’s business has constructed 19,000 apartments and has 44,000 other units in development. In 2017, he was named to the Top 100 Most Globally Influential Arabs list by Gulf Business. He is also in Forbes Magazine’s Top Ten Billionaires in the Arab World.

Don’t Dig Yourself into a Hole—HCR Wealth Advisors

For those middle-aged men and women who are dealing with taking care of their elderly parents while also still supporting their college-age children, it can often be a tumultuous experience. It may feel like they are looking out for everyone else but can never really just look out for themselves and their own future. A lot of times people in this demographic feel that they will never be able to work on their own retirement goals, because of their other financial obligations. However, this is not necessarily true. With the right planning, making the right investments, and doing the right research anyone can create a completely different reality that is more in their favor.


HCR Wealth Advisors make it their mission to provide education, trust, integrity, empowerment, and transparency in their partnership with those in need to reach their financial goals. With personalized financial services and wealth management options, HCR truly believes in building relationships with their clients, while also protecting them and keeping everything confidential. Ultimately, they will help you conduct the necessary research and help you understand the right questions to ask while leading you every step of the way on your journey.


For many people, it is all so tempting to dip into their personal retirement accounts when they become strapped for cash and are in a stressful situation. Unfortunately, this may not be the right solution to the problem. Taking just a little piece here and there may seem harmless, but it does add up. Undoubtedly, you may be digging yourself into a financial hole as your parents and your children are taken care of. They may be fine but now there could be little money left for your retirement and you will find yourself reliant on your children for financial support. This can start a cycle and is not the answer to the problem.


HCR Wealth can help by showing different ways for clients to reach their financial goals. They will start off by pointing you in the right direction, helping you ask the right questions, and create a personalized investment or financial strategy.

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Jed McCaleb is one of the founders of Stellar and inventor of the bitcoin exchange called Mt. Gox. Mr.McCaleb has predicted that the blockchain technology is bound to bring about a change in the network of universal payment, stock markets and fundraising.


Jed McCaleb also revealed that stocks which are not related to crypto assets will also be digitized with blockchain technology. The Mt. Gox creator holds the opinion that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are gaining popularity and they are likely to change the future financial market. Apart from being the co-founder of Stellar, Mr. McCaleb holds the title of head technology officer at the company. The company seeks to develop a network of cryptocurrency that will enable payments across borders.


Jed McCaleb shared the candid information in a popular American media house. He said that although the global payment network will allow an open unrestricted ledger that will be available to everyone, no one will be able to change it randomly. In addition to this, people will still be able to use popular currencies like Euros and Dollars.


However, Stellar is coming up with solutions to some issues that might affect this market. Nevertheless, this technology network is able to carry out quick transactions and it also allows its users to exchange popular currencies like the Euro and Dollars in approximately five seconds. Moreover, this network is already being used by reputable companies such as IBM to enable the payments across borders with some of the renowned banks.


In addition to this, the offerings of initial coins have already indicated that some markets haven’t embraced the financial structure yet. These offerings have risen to a value of approximately nine billion dollars in nearly four years this is according to Autonomous Next which is a research firm that deals with financial research. Although the tokens have brought about a new method of fundraising, they have also provoked numerous con methods of fundraising. However, this has also provoked the interest of regulators in the interest of regulators in the market.



Jed McCaleb is a technology trend setter who believes that technology should develop human lives. He has been on the forefront of creating various technological advancements that have managed to cause a revolution in human lives. In 2014, Mr. McCaleb co started Stellar Development Foundation.

AvaTrade Review Utilizes Automated Trading To Assist Beginners

AvaTrade utilizes an innovative automated trading platform to help beginner traders invest profitably and produce high rates of return on investment. AvaTrade was established in 2006 in Ireland and currently has over 200,000 account holders that invest in assets valued at over $60 billion monthly. AvaTrade also processes over 2 million transactions monthly as well. The company has established itself as one of the premier online investment platforms and provides investors with unique user-friendly software tools to generate high levels of success in their investment endeavors. The company is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland and is established a reputation for providing reliable, safe, and secured investment opportunities over its platforms that adhere to the highest levels of regulatory requirements.


AvaTrade provides services over multi-asset classes in areas such as equities, bonds, market stocks, commodities Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies and various other asset classes. By providing beginner traders with the ability to utilize the automatic trading platforms, investors are empowered with the ability to mirror seasoned investors positions in order to generate similar rates of returns on investment. AvaTrade allows novice traders to mirror successful investors’ stock choices which give the beginner investors the confidence and assurance of positive returns that will enable them to continue investing and develop a skillful approach to investing by mirroring advanced traders. With cutting-edge technology and easy to use platforms, beginning investors are empowered with an opportunity to invest in the market in ways that few would believe was possible in the past.


AvaTrade requires a small minimum investment of $100 for investment in online trading opportunities. AvaTrade is establishing a blueprint that other online investment companies will more than likely pattern their platforms by and in turn give access for anyone that has the interest in investing in online investment platforms. AvaTrade utilizes the automated trading platforms to help the beginner traders to invest profitably and set up a path to a future of investing success for the long term.

Expert Investment Principles that the Oxford Club Recommends

Developing a winning investment plan can be a difficult task for both the veteran investor and the newbie too. Because there are many different controlling factors in the stock market, some people may find it hard to invest without taking a lot of unnecessary risks. However, when the investor knows where the success of others in the same industry comes from, they may be able to simulate what they have done. Especially, when the strategies and techniques used are simple and relatively straightforward when they are provided.


To that end, when an investor decides to become a member of the Oxford Club, they may find that they are already on the cutting edge. In fact, the cutting edge that these members possess is usually due to the principles that this financial club promotes as their main claim to the success and wealth. To make sure people can become familiar with how to build a sound investment plan with high investment opportunities and low risk, here are 2 investment principles that the Oxford Club advises when they are providing instructions through their seminars, newsletters and Investment U.


  1. Leave the Herd


When people are not sure of an investment opportunity, they can become very apprehensive about making the investment at all, unless they begin to see huge sums of other investors buying the same investment product. While this decision may seem safe because of the numbers, this can be far from true. Primarily, because the investment market is not like other business activities, as they are often dealing with very volatile markets. In fact, based on research studies that encompass at least 25 years of investment data, the contrarian investor has a much greater chance of being successful than the investor with the herd mentality. This is because the herd strategy rarely works.


  1. Fees and Expenses — Great Investment Options


When building a portfolio, there are some problems that may not be very visible. One of which involves incurring lots of unnecessary expenses and investment fees. To avoid these problems, new and seasoned investors will need to begin to manage and reduce all of the fees that’s killing an investors success.

Ryan Seacrest Releases Menswear with Macy’s

Ryan Seacrest keeps a grueling schedule, and he is constantly moving. He has meetings in the morning, followed by a morning talk show with Kelly Ripa, meetings in the afternoon and his radio show, and then he must prepare for auditions for American Idol in the evening. This daily grind is what gives him his grind to continue growing in his entertainment career. Ryan Seacrest is a modern man that will continue to move up in life. Once American Idol begins to air its new season, he will be flying out to New York on a weekly basis, and then flying back into Los Angeles the following day. For many people, this tough schedule would be impossible, but Ryan Seacrest has grown accustomed to the necessary momentum. He does not waste his time on idle things, he is constantly innovating and improving.


Ryan Seacrest has introduced his next innovation to the world. He teamed up with his mentor from Burberry to design menswear. The designs were based on Ryan Seacrest’s very own closet. His fashion sense has inspired a generation of Americans to update their wardrobes. Thanks to him, the great fashions are available at a low price. His suits are designed with quality and simplicity in mind. The trim cuts, soft, yet durable, materials, and the tailored fits make the suits the go-to choice for men on the go. Modern men are searching for fashion that compliments their lifestyle. They will enjoy the tailored fits that Ryan Seacrest has developed.


Ryan Seacrest released his clothing line with the retail giant, Macy’s. They are developing a new sense of fashion for the entire Western world. Men from all walks of life look to the red carpet inspired looks that Ryan Seacrest releases. His developments in mens fashion have been made doubly popular by his fans. He has more than 20 million listeners and viewers for all of his television shows and radio shows. His entrepreneurial development has been upward ever since winning American Idol. He gives back by assisting various charities and philanthropies. Ryan Seacrest is the definition of achieving the American Dream.

Organo Gold, Conquering Multiple Industries

Organo Gold has been giving many coffee enthusiasts something to celebrate. They have introduced their top of the line black coffees that are great for health and weight loss. They have been taking over multiple markets by their diverse marketing strategy. It encompasses a few different industries and tactics but it is incredibly ingenious. Their main products, black coffee and tea, have been infused with the incredible ganoderma lucidum mushroom. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Health and wellbeing is the first industry that Organo Gold has targeted. It is a massive growing market of millions of people so it is only natural that Organo Gold has adopted this market. Many people in the United States and around the world are becoming more interested in caring for their health so the products that Organo Gold offers are a natural first choice for them. The ganoderma lucidum mushroom is a powerful health food that has been eaten for ages in Asia for its health benefits.

The next industry that Organo Gold has been conquering is the weight loss industry. The effectiveness of coffee and tea for assisting people in losing weight has been known for a long time now. Today, over 81% of Americans are overweight and their health suffers because of it. This powerful tea and coffee will help alleviate that massive problem. The antioxidants and fat burning components of Organo Gold coffee and tea are the best way for those people who are overweight to start their weight loss journey.

Home-based businesses have been boosted by the assistance of Organo Gold products. In the United States many people value the ability to start their own businesses and Organo Gold has assisted with making this dream a reality. The financial freedom that Organo Gold allows their sales and marketing network is unmatched by any other company. They have even joined forces with the Napolean Hill Foundation to increase the entrepreneurial ability of their team. The mindset of think and grow rich is a very real possibility with the help of Organo Gold.


The staple product of Organo Gold is, of course, coffee! Coffee is one of the largest import and export items in the world. It is the most consumed food item behind tea and Organo Gold sells every type of tea as well. Humans practically run on caffeine so it makes sense that Organo Gold would make their product so popular. By infusing coffee and tea with the ganoderma lucidum mushroom they have created a powerful household commodity. Visit to know more.

Sussex Healthcare: Offering Job Opportunities In Healthcare

The field of healthcare might be demanding, but it is certainly incredibly rewarding. Healthcare institutions have been popping up all over the country, more so to target a special cluster of people, or for those who have been diagnosed with some form of disease or disorder.

Sussex Healthcare is one such organization that offers top-tier living solutions and medical services to the elderly, and people who have been diagnosed with age-related diseases and disorders.

Sussex Healthcare was first founded in 2002 and today has grown beyond what anyone would have imagined it to be. The organization allows people all over the country to lead a healthy and happy life, along with top-tier care and treatments that are being offered to them. The organization believes in offering nothing short of the very best to the patients who come to them and try their very best to adhere to that policy when it comes to offering their services.

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Because of their goal of wanting to offer top-tier services to people, the organization believes in hiring some of the best healthcare professionals in the industry. The organization is constantly looking out for new people to fill up their ranks, and become a part of the Sussex Healthcare family. One of the unique aspects of attaining a job with Sussex Healthcare is the training that they provide. There are very few institutions that work to train each and every one of the employees that start working for them. For the organization, the aim of doing this is so that all the employees working at the company can be up to par with the high standards that Sussex Healthcare enforces. This also means that one does not need to have an extensive background and work experience while coming into Sussex Healthcare, though it would help a significant amount.

The organization has plenty of opportunities for both experienced professionals and newcomers to the field of healthcare. No matter what professional position one might be in, they can surely find something that works for them at Sussex Healthcare in one of the many positions that the company has open.

Hundreds of people all over the country are selecting Sussex Healthcare to take care of themselves or a member of their family. The solution is one of the most efficient as compared to all the other options people have in front of them.

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Madison Street Capital Wins In The Annual M&AAdvisor Awards

One of the prominent figures in the mergers and acquisitions sector was recently recognized for its contributions in the industry during the latest edition of the annual M&A Advisor Awards. The awards event, held at the Metropolitan Club in New York, epitomizes the massive impact the company above, Madison Street Capital, has had on the M&A industry.

This chapter of the awards was extremely competitive with over 650 shortlisted participating firms. Therefore, coming head of the pack to win the prize for Debt deal of the year was no mean fete. In addition to that, the award demonstrates Madison Street Capital’s impressive proficiency in the mergers and acquisitions industry.


The award was in recognition on the part of the company’s part for aiding in the deal for WLR Automotive. Speaking at the awards gala, David Fergusson who is the President of The M&A Advisors, the group organizing the awards, lauded the Madison Street Capital team for exhibiting outstanding traits to win the award ahead of equally impressive candidates.

Madison Street Capital’s boss, Charles Botchway expressed gratitude for the recognition and he did not pass the chance to congratulate WLR Automotive and his group’s Senior MD, Barry Petersen who led the deal that won them the award. Madison Street Capital was also a finalist in two other categories of the awards.

The M&A Advisor awards event aims at celebrating the sector’s leading mergers & acquisitions transactions. This particular edition was held parallel to the M&A Advisor Summit that brought together a range of top experts in the M&A industry. The awards also honored leading figures in the sector with Robert Blumenfeld of ACG New York receiving the Tom Farrell Award while the Leadership Award was awarded to Caesar N. Anquillare of Winchester Capital.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based investment banking group with a global presence with offices in Asia, Africa, and North America. The company provides a wide variety of services including corporate financial advisory services such as mergers & acquisitions expertise, bankruptcy services as well as corporate governance. The group also offers services in business valuation, valuation for financial reporting and wealth preservation and tax planning.

Madison Street Capital has a focus on the middle market and has earned the trust of its customers over the world because of its commendable commitment to excellence and integrity. The firm is also committed to ensuring the satisfaction of its customers by combining expertise and swift response to offer solutions to the problems its clients face. With in-depth knowledge and a long-running practice in the field, Madison Street is highly competent and can meet the expectations of any client, despite the exceptionality of the situation.