Whitney Wolfe Puts Women In Charge Of Their Dating Experience

Upon seeing any given picture of Bumble, a new start-up app whose focus is dating, one will instantly recognize a something rather striking, all of the staff are women. There is a reason for this particular gender make-up, for under the leadership of the up and coming entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe, Bumble aims to be the very first female-centered dating app company.

Whitney Wolfe, a 27 year old American, who Forbes has named one of the most important women in business under 30, has been making quite a name for herself with such popular dating sites as Tinder, a company of which she was the co-founder.

However, with her Bumble venture, she and her team look to take a different approach that looks to decrease and hopefully eliminate many aspects found in other popular dating apps which tend to put women off. Some of these things include, ghosting (the act of building up a relationship with someone and then mysteriously vanishing without reason and never contacting the person again), shirtless selfie pictures and, perhaps the most irksome, stark naked photography, especially the infamous “dick pic.”

In a comfortable, yes modernistically sparse studio, Whitney Wolfe works beside a massive bookshelf, bearing such titles as “Date Onomics” and surrounded by young women typing at laptops and sipping coffee beneath a gigantic honeycomb logo.

It has been said that if you are a sensitive New Age type guy who is looking for a woman, you’ll likely be on Bumble; judging from their carefully selected and therapeutic, comfy aesthetics this description seems quite apt. Some of the ways that Bumble is changing the dating game is through required photo verification (to prevent “catfishing”) and harassment reporting to provide a more woman-friendly environment.

In a recent interview at Bumble’s Austin, Texas compound headquarters, Whitney Wolfe looked around at her youthful female coworkers, stating, “I think everyone in this room has had terrible dating experiences or been in a emotionally unhealthy relationship.” She later noted that she has come to believe that the primary reason that most relationships forged through dating apps fall through is because of, as she puts it, “Men having control.” Bumble, she states, aims to change all of that.

Ricardo Tosto: The Brazilian Litigation Expert

Legal profession is a fairly popular career in Brazil because the country’s legal mechanism is complex and only a small percentage of citizens can navigate through it. For that reason, the demand for lawyers in Brazil has been on the increase prompting universities to increase the number of students joining law schools. Many lawyers begin their legal career before they reach 25 years, after five to six years of college education and internship. In addition, they must pass the Brazilian Bar Exam.

Brazilian lawyers have the expertise to assist their clients in a vast range of issues including contract law, tax laws, law of tort, class actions, criminal law and civil law. They represent their clients in courts or out of court settlement through mediation. The largest law firms in Brazil have at least 500 lawyers. Such firms offer nearly all legal services that clients may require. On the other hand, there are some law firms that specialize in only one area and they operate with 50 or less professionals. Brazilian lawyers start their career as intern, and after their can become associates or partners. A partner is compensated depending on the number of clients they bring to a law firm, while an associate is paid a fixed salary and more information click here.

Brief Overview of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a popular lawyer in Brazil and a partner of Milk, Tosto and Barros law firm. This firm is recognized for excellent performance when it comes to litigation. Ricardo Tosto is the most experienced lawyer in the firm, having pioneered the mass litigation process in Brazil. Clients trust his law firm because lawyers are dedicated, have agility and skilled techniques to enable them offer quality legal services and what Ricardo knows.

After Ricardo Tosto introduced mass litigation in Brazil, the model has become one of the top legal services sought by clients in the country. Clients believe Ricardo Tosto’s firm has ability to offer excellent legal services in high profile and complex cases. The firm is recognized for providing exceptional legal services to the banking and financial market clients. The experience and legal skills and expertise of Ricardo Tosto has made the firm very successful in Brazil and resume him.

The Inspiring Story of Anthony Petrello, Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Ltd.

Anthony Petrello is married to his college girlfriend Cynthia Carafa who has a career in the film industry as an actress and a producer. In college, Anthony Petrello was a jovial kid who loved making jokes, but one could not have guessed his accomplishments today because he was just a regular student according to his college roommate who was surprised to learn about his earnings and net worth.

Anthony Petrello is the chief executive officer and founder of Nabors Industries Ltd. He has been the president of Nabors Ltd since 1991. He is also the Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Ltd since June 2012. Previously, he worked at the law firm and also served as Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd. Today, Anthony Petrello is a Director at Texas Children’s Hospital and learn more about Anthony.

Anthony Petrello is a scholar, and he has M.S and B.S degrees in Mathematics from the Yale University and a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. Anthony and his wife have a reputation for their charitable activities and have been recognized for their $7 million donations to Texas Children Hospital. The two have also founded a research centre that works with other organization. The philanthropic activities of the couple was inspired by their daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy. The birth of their daughter made them understand the challenges faced by parents of children who have special needs and drew their attention in the same area and his Twitter.

Nabors Industries is located in Hamilton, Bermuda. The drilling company was first known as Anglo energy when it was first founded in 1968. Anglo Energy traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol AEL. The Company performed relatively well despite the 1982 recession and went through a lot of tough times but still survived in the market. Today, Nabors Industries drills geothermal and natural gas in different parts of the world including the Middle East and America and more information click here.

Other Reference: http://fuelfix.com/blog/tag/anthony-petrello/

EOS – So Smooth

Retreatments: Discover Yourself in a Whole New Way Today

Koh Samui, Thailand is where you need to go this season for a time of bliss and absolute relaxation the likes of which your senses have never delighted in before. Step away for a moment, and catch yourself never leaving the same as the New Leaf Detox retreat center exists for the sole purpose of leaving all your worries behind and remembering them no more. Yoga, meditation and detox rolled into one, this amazing experience on Lamai beach is perfect for either a solo or couple’s’ getaway. Wait a minute: Let’s step back into reality for a second; vacation getaways are ridiculously expensive and certainly cut into your long-accrued savings, so wouldn’t you rather make a vacation experience that can come to you and offer you a few moments of “escape bliss and serenity” without breaking the bank? If you’re like most of us, the answer is yes, and that’s where EOS products come into play, watch youtube.com to check the details. They offer a sensational feeling of refreshment and true escape paradise all from the comforts of your own home, so open a roll-on and let your mind wander as those lips – and your nose – escape to a true paradise that you can keep in your very pocket for when you need it. Go to blogwebpedia.com for more articles to read.

Choose from any of EOS’s unique lip balm flavors, and let the immediate vacation escape begin, view this for more. Whether your need is for Passionfruit or Strawberry Sorbet bliss, we may have just what you need. Our balms can also handle around 100 to 150 degree weather in any given week. Plus, their style and retention flawless every time. They offer lasting moisture and are unequaled products on the matter, having served well in the past and still having strong customer reputations.

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EOS Offers Sun Protection Lip Balms In Lemon And Grapefruit Flavors

EOS lip balms offer sun protection varieties! This is great for those of us who are careful about using SPF when we are exposed to the sun’s rays. A good practice for protecting against UV radiation is really important. I love the EOS brand’s sun protection options because the SPF balms come in really cool summer flavors. The two that they currently offer are Lemon Twist and Grapefruit, useful content here on ulta.com.

The Lemon Twist flavor has an SPF value of 15. It also has vitamin E in it which is really good for keeping lips soft and healthy. The great thing about the EOS lip balms with SPF is that the balm is water resistant for 80 minutes, which means that if you are on the banks of a river, pool-side, or hanging out on a beach, you can swim and be in the water for more than an hour and still have the moisturizer doing its job on your lips! This is great news for those of us who love to swim and hang in the waves.

Look at this blog, http://blogwebpedia.com/beyond-lip-balm-eos-hacks-need-know.html/

The other sun protecting EOS flavor, Grapefruit, comes with an SPF value of 30. This is a higher value and will therefor offer even more protection against UV rays, refer to douglas.de. The grapefruit is just as juicy and citrus-spiked as the lemon, but with a slightly sweeter flavor. Pink grapefruit is such a delicious treat! It is fun to use this balm and be reminded of a citrus fruit that is one of the best. The case is bright pink, the exact hue of a real pink grapefruit! Buy here!

EOS is a relatively new company. They are less than ten years old, but in that short span they have managed to revolutionize the chapstick industry. They use natural ingredients, and offer gluten free products that make lips feel happy and healthy. Though they started out focused on lip balm, the brand has grown to include shaving lotions, and hand and body cream. EOS stands for the evolution of smooth, and they are best known for giving customers smooth, moisturized lips. The company headquarters is in New York, USA.


Troy McQuagge; One of the Best CEOs in the World

Troy McQuagge was named the chief executive officer of the Year at the beginning of this year. He won the Gold Award at the One Planet Awards. The premier program honors professionals and organizations that have shown excellence in their work and business. The awards are open to all types of corporations and entities including non-profits, startups, and public companies. It recognizes businesses around the world. One is required to submit a nomination to be considered for an award. Troy McQuagge has had a meteoric rise within the company since he joined in 2010. He was tasked with rebuilding the captive agency of the enterprise known as USHEALTH Advisors and turned it around. McQuagge was successful and was able to re-tool the agency. This led to his appointment as the chief executive officer and president of USHEALTH Group.


Troy has helped the company to realize record profits and revenues since he took up the role in 2014. He has been able to do this despite the fact that the individual health insurance market is very competitive. McQuagge said that he was honored to receive the award that was a recognition of business excellence. Troy dedicated the award to his employees at USHEALTH and stated that they are the ones who had made it possible for him. He finished by mentioning that it was evident that the company’s efforts toward providing affordable healthcare were paying off. USHEALTH Group is an insurance provider that offers a wide array of services through its subsidiary companies. They provide health coverage to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and those that are self-employed and read full article.

USHEALTH is committed to providing superior customer service. It has a team of support staff ready to answer any queries about their products. They have a team of agents who help to market the products to clients around the country. McQuagge has worked for three decades in the insurance industry. This is what has made him a better leader. He started out at Allstate Insurance and worked there until 1995. McQuagge joined UICI and was responsible for the growth of several units within the company. He was named the president of the company when it was renamed, Health Market and learn more about Troy.

McQuagge has a degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. Troy has won many awards for his excellence and his successes at work over the course of his career. Troy was recognized as the Most Innovative CEO of the Year and the chief executive officer of the Year at the CEO World Awards in 2016 alone. McQuagge is involved with several charitable organizations and foundations. He has volunteered at HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Dallas, and the Crisis Nursery Phoenix. He also supports the Semper Fi Fund that is concerned with the well-being of Army veterans and Troy on Facebook.

More visit: http://www.ceoworldawards.com/world/


The People Versus The Corrupt

The Supreme Court Of The United States Of America has made many atrocious rulings during the country’s short history. For example, the rulings of Dred Scott versus Sanford or Bush versus Gore both left blots on the history books; But the ruling of 2010 Citizens United versus FEC still stings the average American. People from all different backgrounds and professions will tell you they feel silenced or not spoken for by their elected officials. Fortunately, a PAC named End Citizens United is quickly gaining the support of the people.

End Citizens United isn’t just a bunch of liberal millennials making noise at the steps of Capitol Hill. According to articles written by MSNBC and USAToday, there is real money coming in from small donors from all over the country. In the first part of 2017 four million dollars was raised. The PAC is estimating a total of $35 million to be available for the 2018 elections. Thousands of these donations coming in from new donors putting their purses and wallets on the battlefield.

I think most everyday working adults would agree that the corporations have twisted the constitutional amendments for long enough. Corporations abuse the 14th amendment by claiming to be people and thus deserving equal protection under the law. It should be noted that corporations do not pay taxes like people, if at all. Yet the supreme court again has allowed them to muddy the waters with massive amounts of dark money; And now with the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the supreme court, it looks bleak for the little guy; Yes, the same little guy that Neil Gorsuch ruled against over and over.

A look at the political landscape we face today is historical. Many life long Republicans are upset with President Trump’s cabinet choices, where names like Goldman & Sachs or Exxon Mobile are present and now calling the shots in the swamp. There is a civil war raging among progressives and the fractured Democratic party. The silver lining of all this infighting appears to be nonpartisanship springing up to support groups like End Citizens United.

What is the agenda?

  • Raise enough money from the American people to combat the corporate stranglehold on politics.
  • Elect congressman, senators, and representatives to fight for the people.
  • Pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United versus FEC ruling.


End Citizens United is on the front lines with a small staff of five people at the wheel. Over the next eight years, if enough political awareness is spread and if enough people are willing to cast off their loyalty to the Republican party, this movement could become a wrecking machine powered by the people and for the people.



EOS Lip Balm – the Natural and Inexpensive Lip Salve

There exist a variety of EOS lip balm flavors. The most common of these flavors are EOS Pomegranate Raspberry, EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew, EOS Vanilla Bean and EOS Medicated Tangerine. All of them are paraben-free, and as such, they are best for anybody who would want to apply cosmetics free from this potentially dangerous preservative.


EOS Pomegranate Raspberry

This lip balm is a crimson-colored lip balm. It is mild-smelling that and this gives the user a fresh feeling. This flavor heals dry, undernourished lips using its natural extracts.


EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew

It is light-green in color and ball-shaped. This flavor has a fresh smell of honeydew. It smoothens, revitalizes and softens lips.


EOS Vanilla Bean

The lip salve is heavily vanilla-flavored. It comes in a lovable white colored packaging and is not only soothing to the lips but to the eyes as well. This particular flavor moisturizes and hydrates the lips making them healthy and smooth.


EOS Medicated Tangerine

Its medicated nature enables it to effectively treat flakiness, soreness, dryness and other lip-related complications. The lip balm contains a perfect blend of minerals, natural fruit, vitamins, and antioxidants. The users always have smiling happy lips, see more products here on walgreens.com.


EOS Lip Balm Background Information

EOS Lip Balm is made by the cosmetic company Evolution of Smooth. They come in an assortment of flavors in unique, adorable and original spherical cases. The slaves are known to have amazing flavors, vibrant colors and deep moisturizing effects on the lip. They have relatively affordable prices and are made of organic ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, and mint.

See also http://www.frenchtribune.com/teneur/25365-eos-lip-balm-secret-mastering-french-girl-beauty.

It is the aim of the company to make all-natural products, and therefore they exclude petroleum since it cannot be absorbed by the lips. The various ingredients used including shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba which enable the absorption of the product by the body. They also have SPF protection and costs around $3.29. Shop here at amazon.de.


The Work of CTRMA to Improve Road Efficiency and Ease Traffic Congestion

The rate at which the number of vehicles is increasing is not proportional to the increase in roads or upgrade of existing ones. This is why the American-Statesman predicted the city of Austin will experience traffic congestion unless a tech solution is applied to solve the problem. While giving his opinion on the issue, Mike Heiligenstein agreed with the Statesman’s opinion and he further added multiple resources would be required to address the traffic situation in the city. In fact, that is what Mike Heiligenstein and Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) do.Learn more : https://www.crunchbase.com/person/mike-heiligenstein#/entity


Mike said the work of CTRMA is to address the traffic woes in Texas by building or upgrading roads, or finding other solutions to eliminate or minimize traffic congestion in major cities in the state. For instance, after the Mobility Authority constructed toll road in Leander and Cedar Park, the lives of communities in those areas improved due to exponential growth experienced there. That is how CTRMA intends to ease traffic congestion and positively impact the lives of communities in the area. Furthermore, the mobility agency built another toll road from Austin to Manor, which improved the capacity of previous road by three times and at the same time upgrading the non-toll lanes that existed before.Learn more : https://templeofthecave.com/mike-heiligenstein-an-individual-who-works-hard-for-the-growth-of-austin/


Use of Technological Solutions


According to Mike, the Mobility Authority is dedicated to applying tech solutions in future in order to create “smart roads”. They have already installed fiber lines in some road projects that were underway in anticipation that vehicles will be able to communicate with the roads in future, for example detecting a car driving on the wrong side of the road. The Mobility Authority has also partnered with Metropia to generate a mobile traffic application, which can be integrated with CTRMA’s monitoring system to provide drivers with alternative routes that are not congested. The agency also plans to encourage drivers to carry other passengers using the carpooling app from Carma.


About the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority


CTRMA is a transport agency led by Mike Heiligenstein. He joined the agency in 2003 and has been very instrumental in leading the agency from startup to a national recognized firm specializing in toll road operations. Currently, the agency is overseeing a $1 billion project to improve toll roads in Texas. Prior to joining CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein had worked in the public service for three decades. He was in charge of development of infrastructure projects and that formed the basis of the success achieved by his agency.Learn more : https://communityimpact.com/austin/news/2013/07/15/mike-heiligenstein/



George Soros chokes off prison pipeline at ground level

For most of the last 100 years, the United States has become infamous as the country that incarcerates more of its population than any other place on earth. With just 5 percent of the world’s population, the United States has over 25 percent of the world’s incarcerated population. At any given time, over 10 million Americans are in some stage of the criminal justice system. This system has long disproportionately affected minorities and the poor. Many activists have sought to reform the system for a very long time. However, it has proven to be extremely difficult to make any headway into real criminal justice reform in the United States. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

This difficulty of reformation has a number of entrenched root causes. For one, the prison industrial complex and the associated mass incarceration form a multi-billion-dollar industry that many vested interests have absolutely no intention of letting go of. The for-profit prison industry alone is worth multiple billions of dollars per year, with many public companies involved. But there are many other aspects of the prison industrial complex that are also equally lucrative. Just some of these include the prison food industry, the prison communications industry and the prison transportation industry. All of these produce billions of dollars each year in profits.

But one man, George Soros, has resolved to finally begin to make real changes to the U.S. criminal justice system. Soros is no ordinary reformation activist. With over $25 billion to his name, Soros is one of the most effective philanthropists currently operating in the world today. Through his charitable foundation The Open Society Foundations, Soros has donated over $15 billion over the course of his career. He has toppled governments and the ex-Soviet Union countries and has gotten dozens of officials elected in the United States on progressive and social justice tickets.

Now, George Soros is taking some of his expertise in philanthropic activities and focusing them on finally making real changes to the U.S. criminal justice system. He plans on doing this by infusing the campaigns of local progressive candidates for sheriff, judges and prosecutors with millions of dollars in cash, giving them the cash that they need to unseat their hardline conservative opponents. Learn more about his profile at washingtontimes.com.

This tactic has already borne impressive fruits. From Florida to Phoenix, Arizona, Soros has racked up victory after victory. Replacing obstinate conservative opponents with fresh and progressive-minded visionaries who are dedicated to the rectification of the stark disparities that exist between whites and minorities in both charging and sentencing.

Following strategies such as this, Soros has put his opponents on notice that he is serious about taking a blowtorch to the entire edifice of the U.S. justice system, finally giving hope to those traditionally oppressed peoples who have long suffered under the jackboot of the U.S. police state.