Anthony Petrello’s High Net Worth And Philanthropic Activities

Anthony Petrello is the Chairman of an oil drilling technology company that contracts drilling services and is always developing new drilling and oil well patents. The company is Nabors Industries which has both the largest land-based fleet equipment and offshore operations and have designed an intricate software and automation system.

Petrello leads the overall planning and financing for Nabors and also works to maintain solid relationships with company stockholders. Petrello has earned quite a compensation for his work with a base salary worth $1.58 million and bonuses worth $7.72 million. His total net worth is about $27.5 million.

Anthony Petrello looked at a career as a mathematician prior to going into law and then oil drilling technology. He loved solving math problems as a young man and majored in advanced mathematics while studying at Yale University. Petrello earned both a bachelor’s and master’s in the field but had a change of heart not long after. He went to Harvard law school where he got his J.D. and started a career at Baker & McKenzie law firm in New York, later becoming a partner at the firm. His knowledge of corporate taxes and international laws made him attractive to Nabors Industries which subsequently hired him as Chief Operating Officer after he left Baker & McKenzie in 1991.

Anthony Petrello also has a young daughter named Carena who he and his wife Cynthia Petrello love very dearly. She was born with cerebral palsy and the Petrellos explored treatment options but were told none existed. Determined to help young children born with the disorder, the Petrellos joined the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Dan and Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute and gave $7 million to invest in medical technology and advanced studies in the field. Anthony Petrello is hopeful about the experts who’ve joined the institute one day being able to find cures for CP and other disorders.

Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall Setting the Pace in the Brazilian Property Industry

Manaira Shopping Mall is indisputably the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa, Brazil. The mall is globally recognized for its spectacular architecture that brings out a variety of fun, comfort, and leisure to the customers. Manaira mall is equipped with global brands and offers an incomparable shopping experience to clients in Brazil.

Aside from entertainment, Manaira shopping mall houses bank and colleges. As a show of commitment to satisfying consumer needs, Manaira shopping mall has undergone five major expansions to keep up with changing consumer tastes and preferences. If you are looking for a place to visit and have memorable moments either with your peers or your family, purpose to visit the Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

Gastronome Space

Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall has a gourmet space that offers a conducive environment for people visiting the facility with their families. Near the Gourmet space is a steak and hamburger facility and a full food court.

Domus Hall

November 2016 saw the mall launch the Domus Hall on the rooftop of the mall. The hall is the largest in Joao Pessoa and is fitted with cutting-edge acoustic insulation, sound materials, and contemporary air conditioners. The hall can host up to 10,000 individuals, and it is mostly used for live concerts, cultural festivals, and exhibitions. If you want to enjoy the rich Brazilian culture, the Domus Hall is the place to visit.


The mall has fascinating cinema halls. The halls are equipped with modern facilities including 3D rooms and VIP rooms. Movie fanatics can get the latest versions in the movie theaters. The facility also has ballrooms, bowling alleys, electronic amusement park. Truly, this facility is the best bet for individuals who want to satisfy their families’ desire for comfort, tranquility, and fun.

Roberto Santiago in Brief

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian Investor and business magnate. He is the owner of the magnificent Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall, which is the best architectural design in Joao Pessoa. Santiago was born in 1958 in Joao Pessoa. He studied at Pio X-Marist College and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

Santiago’s zeal for success created a resilience character in him, which has led to his unmatched success. He developed the enchanting Manaira shopping mall at the age of 30. Today, it is irrefutably true that Roberto Santiago is the most investor in Brazil. Over the years, he has earned respect for his ability to invest in ventures that suit the demand of Joao Pessoa. Moreover, Roberto has a passion for sports and has participated in various motocross and art championships in South America. View more on Exame

Securus Technologies Meets the Test

The Securus Technologies company specializes in communications platforms for corrections institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. They have over 3,400 clients and more than 1,200,000 inmates and their families for whom they serve with their fine products.

Securus platforms work with Android phones, iPhones, tablets and traditional landline phone setups. They have several different plans including direct billing, prepaid calling, collect call billing, and inmate debit where the charge is made to the inmate’s account. There is a very popular video calling plan where both parties to the call can view one another if a webcam is present at each end of the call. Also available is a unique money transfer service, email and Jail Voicemail.

The inmates look forward to their calls as they get news and happenings that are going on with family and in the world, and the families get to keep tabs on their loved ones.

Unfortunately, a competitor of Securus, GTL, recently lambasted Securus as being an inferior and very costly service and the “fact” that Securus could not hold a candle to the success of GTL. The tirade went on and on with half-baked examples and pricings that had no hold on reality. If fact the figures and examples that were used seemed to come out of the village idiot school of thought.

Securus decided to put a stop to the madness and offered a challenge where each company would put forth their individual metrics to be supervised by an independent, disinterested third party.

As soon as the challenge was made public, there was nothing but silence coming from the GTL side. Soon Securus received a memo stating that GTL would not be participating in the challenge. That settled the issue, and the truth won again.

EOS Lip Balm Is The Finest Choice In The Industry

Other lip balms in the industry cannot keep up with EOS lip balm and their flavors. The company has packaged as many different flavors and colors as possible, and they sell to kids who love their fragrances. Everyone using the product loves the way it smells, and they may slip the small ball of lip balm in their pocket. This article offers a look at how the EOS brand is outdoing other companies who make the same products.

#1: The Flavors Are Beautiful

The flavors at EOS are quite strong, and they are offered in colors that are just like their assigned flavors. The flavors range from the light to the heavy, and they come in a number of colors that kids will love. The kids who are using the lip balm choose their flavors for the smell, and they will use the lip balm because it smells good on their lips. They share it with others, and it becomes the rage in a school in a few weeks. Check out your local Target and Walmart for EOS products.

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#2: Complimentary Products

EOS has gone so far as to have shoes made from Keds that will match their lip balms, and they will continue to do so for many years to come as they find more partners. Their partners are quite helpful as they reach more kids, and someone who is looking for a better lip balm will chose because they have found something that works with their personal tastes.

Someone who loves to take care of their lips must ensure they have taken care to use the lip balm as much as possible. EOS is very smooth, and it was designed to help people who are unsure of how to care for their dry lips. Someone carrying EOS lip balm will always have soft lips no matter where they go.

FOr more info, visit the Evolution of Smooth official website and Facebook page.

US Money Reserve Gold Coins May Be Handed Down Through The Years

There are quite a lot of investments that may be handed down through the years, and they are given to children or grandchildren who will benefit from them in the future. The future of a family is often at stake when they are looking at investments, and it is quite important everyone who is investing chooses something they may hand down to their children. Stocks are quite hard to maintain, and this article explains how gold coins from the US Money Reserve are much easier to use.


#1: Gold Coins Are Revered By Investors


Investors love gold coins from the US Money Reserve as they know the coins are quite helpful for long-term investment. They may purchase the coins at any time, and they will store them where they are safe. The coins gain value without any effort on the part of the investor, and the coins will last long enough to be given to someone else.


#2: Gold Coins May Be Purchased In-Bulk


Stocks are often purchased in-bulk at any time, and they must be sold because they do not tend to hold their value as other investments do. The coins will last for ages, and they will rely on the strength of the gold coin market. The market will help the coins grow, and they may sit in storage for some time before they are sold. The children or the grandchildren may be the ones who sell the coins, and they will be shocked to learn of their value because it is so much higher than what they may get on the current market.


#3: Using Coins As Collector’s Items


Collector’s items are highly-valuable as they may be sold at any time to other collectors who appreciate the coins. US Money Reserve coins may be purchased to collect, and they have quite a few designs customers may try. The designs are changing to ensure customers may create collections that have breadth, and the US Money Reserve creates coins that may become rare over time. A rare coin will rise in value, and it will be something that helps the collector build a set they wish to see.


The coins from the US Money Reserve are long-term investments that may be used at any time to ensure customers are making money on their future sale. The gold coins from the firm are beautiful, valuable and fit for long-term investments.

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Makeup Gurus Rock Lime Crime


Lime Crime first hit the makeup scene when CEO Doe Deere could not satisfy her search for the perfect colors in the cosmetic world. Many people would settle for alternative tones, but Deere, a musician with a passion for making clothing knew she had the ability to make what she was looking for. So that what’s she did, she developed and designed her own colors.

Today, the certified vegan and cruelty free makeup line has become quite a success! The brand specializes in lip and eyewear. The popular liquid to matte lipstick line, Veletines come in a variety of unique colors from bright red to fuchsia pink to a soft champagne tone. The lip line has grown ultra popular with followers over the years. So popular that you can check out photographs of fans rocking the Velvetines look on social media sites like Instagram! For Velvetine fans, the new metallic Velvetines are a must have. The fun flower shaped tins contain three colors, so the wearer can pick and choose what lipstick accommodates their mood.

It’s no surprise that these tins are a popular item in the beauty world, mixing colors and options for consumers is not a new design for Lime Crime. In fact, their popular bundles allow wearers to pick a lipstick duo that hits opposite color extremes. For instance, wearers can pick a pack with a light whimsical matte marshmallow color and a dark deep as night raven tone. So if the wearer is feeling sweet and girly or bold and mysterious, they will have a lipstick to match their mood!

Fans of the makeup line really thrive on options. Not only does the makeup line allow followers access to colors that other companies don’t, but they also offer them a satisfying variety of options. No color is too similar to another. In fact, this can make it difficult to choose between each beautifully designed color!

If you want to get a fresh look with fun makeup then add Lime Crime to your makeup bag. This makeup line doesn’t miss a beat and will have you feeling creative and confident!