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Inmate calling can be an expensive network, based on your call provider. Many family members and friends feel like they’re accumulating an extra monthly expensive. Many people are left looking for an affordable solution to their calling needs. The well known security and monitoring inmate calling giants, Securus Technologies, has answered the call for reasonable telecommunication rates. Their CEO, Rick Pickens, has contributed over 16+ years of expertise through a combination of education and experience. Trust your inmate calling to state Public Utility Commission approved inmate calling provider with Securus.


Recent News By Securus Technologies


Their network at Securus, adapts technology to save their customers time and money. The new technology has often times, been through the support and feedback of their customers. For example, their GovPayNet acquisition is responsible for bidding on one of the largest government payment processing providers in the industry. GovPayNet lets their employees and clients process their debit, and credit cards payments. The technology will also be available for other correctional facilities and is set to be launched by Securus in a few months and has been s success a test model facilities.


Popular Securus Technologies Technology


The new Wireless obtainment feature is designed to combat telecommunication crimes, and protect the safety of the general pubic. It is designed to remotely intercept illegal cellphone reception in a correctional facility. Their current wireless containment technology allows them use their security feature without being present at the facility. Law enforcement personnel will be able to use their phone without services interruptions, unless authorized by the facility. Their goal is to reduce 26% of all industry related crimes through telecommunications. You’ll love being a part of an inmate calling network with crime prevention measures to avoid rising inmates fees because of fines and penalties.


Securus Preferred Technology


Prepaid Services


The Securus Technologies advance pay feature gives customers the option of paying for services and features in advance. You must have a valid payment method and be eighteen years of age or older to use rhea feature. Prepaid services eliminates the need for third party access.


Kiosk Access


Kiosk technology gives inmates access to financial technology being used outside the correctional facility. Inmates have immediate access to their commissary and can order products and services directly from the kiosk machine with access to their account balance at any time.


Go directly to the Securus Technologies website for mire details on becoming a valued part of their inmate calling family for less. Their team of trained and responsive IT specialist are there to assist you with your new or existing account.

Securus Technologies Meets the Test

The Securus Technologies company specializes in communications platforms for corrections institutions, law enforcement agencies, and safety organizations. They have over 3,400 clients and more than 1,200,000 inmates and their families for whom they serve with their fine products.

Securus platforms work with Android phones, iPhones, tablets and traditional landline phone setups. They have several different plans including direct billing, prepaid calling, collect call billing, and inmate debit where the charge is made to the inmate’s account. There is a very popular video calling plan where both parties to the call can view one another if a webcam is present at each end of the call. Also available is a unique money transfer service, email and Jail Voicemail.

The inmates look forward to their calls as they get news and happenings that are going on with family and in the world, and the families get to keep tabs on their loved ones.

Unfortunately, a competitor of Securus, GTL, recently lambasted Securus as being an inferior and very costly service and the “fact” that Securus could not hold a candle to the success of GTL. The tirade went on and on with half-baked examples and pricings that had no hold on reality. If fact the figures and examples that were used seemed to come out of the village idiot school of thought.

Securus decided to put a stop to the madness and offered a challenge where each company would put forth their individual metrics to be supervised by an independent, disinterested third party.

As soon as the challenge was made public, there was nothing but silence coming from the GTL side. Soon Securus received a memo stating that GTL would not be participating in the challenge. That settled the issue, and the truth won again.