The People Versus The Corrupt

The Supreme Court Of The United States Of America has made many atrocious rulings during the country’s short history. For example, the rulings of Dred Scott versus Sanford or Bush versus Gore both left blots on the history books; But the ruling of 2010 Citizens United versus FEC still stings the average American. People from all different backgrounds and professions will tell you they feel silenced or not spoken for by their elected officials. Fortunately, a PAC named End Citizens United is quickly gaining the support of the people.

End Citizens United isn’t just a bunch of liberal millennials making noise at the steps of Capitol Hill. According to articles written by MSNBC and USAToday, there is real money coming in from small donors from all over the country. In the first part of 2017 four million dollars was raised. The PAC is estimating a total of $35 million to be available for the 2018 elections. Thousands of these donations coming in from new donors putting their purses and wallets on the battlefield.

I think most everyday working adults would agree that the corporations have twisted the constitutional amendments for long enough. Corporations abuse the 14th amendment by claiming to be people and thus deserving equal protection under the law. It should be noted that corporations do not pay taxes like people, if at all. Yet the supreme court again has allowed them to muddy the waters with massive amounts of dark money; And now with the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the supreme court, it looks bleak for the little guy; Yes, the same little guy that Neil Gorsuch ruled against over and over.

A look at the political landscape we face today is historical. Many life long Republicans are upset with President Trump’s cabinet choices, where names like Goldman & Sachs or Exxon Mobile are present and now calling the shots in the swamp. There is a civil war raging among progressives and the fractured Democratic party. The silver lining of all this infighting appears to be nonpartisanship springing up to support groups like End Citizens United.

What is the agenda?

  • Raise enough money from the American people to combat the corporate stranglehold on politics.
  • Elect congressman, senators, and representatives to fight for the people.
  • Pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United versus FEC ruling.


End Citizens United is on the front lines with a small staff of five people at the wheel. Over the next eight years, if enough political awareness is spread and if enough people are willing to cast off their loyalty to the Republican party, this movement could become a wrecking machine powered by the people and for the people.



George Soros chokes off prison pipeline at ground level

For most of the last 100 years, the United States has become infamous as the country that incarcerates more of its population than any other place on earth. With just 5 percent of the world’s population, the United States has over 25 percent of the world’s incarcerated population. At any given time, over 10 million Americans are in some stage of the criminal justice system. This system has long disproportionately affected minorities and the poor. Many activists have sought to reform the system for a very long time. However, it has proven to be extremely difficult to make any headway into real criminal justice reform in the United States. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

This difficulty of reformation has a number of entrenched root causes. For one, the prison industrial complex and the associated mass incarceration form a multi-billion-dollar industry that many vested interests have absolutely no intention of letting go of. The for-profit prison industry alone is worth multiple billions of dollars per year, with many public companies involved. But there are many other aspects of the prison industrial complex that are also equally lucrative. Just some of these include the prison food industry, the prison communications industry and the prison transportation industry. All of these produce billions of dollars each year in profits.

But one man, George Soros, has resolved to finally begin to make real changes to the U.S. criminal justice system. Soros is no ordinary reformation activist. With over $25 billion to his name, Soros is one of the most effective philanthropists currently operating in the world today. Through his charitable foundation The Open Society Foundations, Soros has donated over $15 billion over the course of his career. He has toppled governments and the ex-Soviet Union countries and has gotten dozens of officials elected in the United States on progressive and social justice tickets.

Now, George Soros is taking some of his expertise in philanthropic activities and focusing them on finally making real changes to the U.S. criminal justice system. He plans on doing this by infusing the campaigns of local progressive candidates for sheriff, judges and prosecutors with millions of dollars in cash, giving them the cash that they need to unseat their hardline conservative opponents. Learn more about his profile at

This tactic has already borne impressive fruits. From Florida to Phoenix, Arizona, Soros has racked up victory after victory. Replacing obstinate conservative opponents with fresh and progressive-minded visionaries who are dedicated to the rectification of the stark disparities that exist between whites and minorities in both charging and sentencing.

Following strategies such as this, Soros has put his opponents on notice that he is serious about taking a blowtorch to the entire edifice of the U.S. justice system, finally giving hope to those traditionally oppressed peoples who have long suffered under the jackboot of the U.S. police state.

George Soros Still Intrigued By Global Events

During the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign George Soros spent a large amount of his own time and money backing the campaign of Hillary Clinton for The White House; Politico reports Clinton and Soros have a political relationship that has lasted more than 25 years and has seen the pair go through periods of closeness and political distance growing between the pair. Aides and friends of George Soros revealed the former refugee has rarely been as politically motivated than he has in the last few years; before 2015 George Soros had appeared to have taken a step back from his role as a business leader and political donor for Democrat’s in the U.S., but has now returned to donating and engaging with politicians and other donors across the U.S. Learn more on about George.

Much of the philanthropic work of George Soros has been located in the political world of the U.S. as Soros believes the U.S. Constitution needs to be fought for on behalf of those who are struggling to protect their own rights. George Soros has built a fortune of $25.2 billion according to Forbes as one of the most successful hedge fund managers in history and has donated a further $12 billion to his own Open Society Foundations and other major charitable and political groups; unlike most Wall Street experts Soros was not given an easy ride through to his financial success on the financial markets, which was hard won after being affected by both the World War II Holocaust and living under the rule of Communist dictator Joseph Stalin. Born in Hungary in 1930, Soros survived the oppression of Jews in Hungary under both Nazi and Communist rule before embarking on his own refugee journey that took him from Hungary to London and later New York.

Read his profile at Forbes.

The plight of refugees around the world remains a priority for George Soros and his Open Society Foundations, which he has backed with billions of dollars to aid the ease of movement across Europe to other areas of the world. Soros went so far as to miss the nomination of his friend Hillary Clinton as Presidential candidate for the Democrat’s during the Democratic National Convention of 2016. The major reason provided by George Soros for missing what would have been his first Democratic Convention was the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe he believes is being orchestrated by Russia within Syria; the man who has fought for the rights of women across the planet also believes the political model of free movement in the European Union should be reflected across the world to protect the most vulnerable in the world. In stepping out as a critic of President Donald Trump, George Soros has shown he is willing to fight for the rights of people around the planet no matter who he has to battle along the way.

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