WEN Cleansing Conditioner-For Those Serious About Their Hair

Many of us have heard of the wonderful WEN Cleansing Conditioner product out on the market, but how well does it really work and does it deliver? You’re about to find out. As Emily Mcclure shows us in the Bumble article, she tried it for a week. Read on to learn more! Even on just day one, Emily noticed a change in her hair. Actually-while she was still in the shower! She noticed that her frizzy and greasy hair transformed into shiny, bouncy hair that felt healthier. She also noticed that she wasn’t losing as many strands of hair to the dreaded drain. Even though she used a lot of the product, her hair didn’t feel weighed down at all. After cleansing and blow drying on day two, her hair was once again shiny and bouncy. On day three, Emily tried using her usual products with her WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner, and after a long, busy day found it slightly flat, but Emily’s hair was still looking shiny and bouncy overall. On day four, Emily didn’t have the chance to shower, and her hair was a bit greasy, and day five brought super-soft hair. Day six brought compliments on her shiny hair and day seven brought (again!) great-looking hair. Overall, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a great product, but does require more washing. However, the results are well worth it-just be prepared to turn a few heads!

Chaz Dean is very passionate about hair and is continuously developing new and amazing products to help his clients to achieve great-looking hair. He has a very successful salon located in Hollywood where he has a long client list which includes celebrities. He also styles hair for fashion shows as well as award shows and is making the dream of possessing great hair a reality. He sells his products online, exclusively on QVC and http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589.