Role of Jason Hope In The Anti-Aging Research

The Rejuvenation Biotech Conference is hosted by the SENS Research Foundation every year. The Chief Scientist and the co-founder named, Aubrey Grey encourages the attendees to participate in the development of drugs that can fight or at least reduce the effects of aging. He talks about the importance of this conference and how every individual’s knowledge and skill can help them achieve the goal. Different experts from the relevant field participate in the conference to either share their knowledge or learn more about the drug. Basically, the ideas are directed toward the treatment of different diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, Parkinson’s, molecular and cellular damage.

The main priority of this conference is to come up with preventative strategies and building a rejuvenation biotech center. The nonprofit organization SENS is run through support by different researchers, investors, and scientists. One of the big investors is the entrepreneur named Jason Hope. He has been making major contributions for the anti-aging research over the last few years now.

In 2010, Jason Hope gave 500,000 dollars to the Research Foundation. The foundation was able to build a lab with the help of this generous donation by Jason Hope. This laboratory was named the Cambridge SENS laboratory. In addition to this, the foundation was able to start research as well. Jason Hope has been a vocal supporter of this aging research as well. He was reported saying that the research will focus on discovering treatments for dangerous diseases. He talked about the lung and Alzheimer’s disease in particular. He said that such diseases could have very negative effects on the human mind and body.

Jason Hope is basically a philanthropist and a very successful entrepreneur. He was born in Arizona. He got his BS degree from Arizona University. He then got his MBA degree from the Carey School of Business. He was able to make his name in a very short amount of time through his skill and expertise in the business world. A lot of students and even professional entrepreneurs consider him a mentor because of his knowledge.

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