Infinity Group Australia Ranked 58th in the Most Innovative Companies by Australia Financial Reviews

The Australia Financial Review is Australia’s authority news on finance, business and investment. It is reputable for its independence, award-winning journalism and is vital for business and investor readings. The company reviews the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand, and then produce a list of top 100 most innovative organizations which gets published in the Australian Financial Review.

Australia’s Inventium together with a panel of experts, adjudicate and compile the list. The company submissions get rated according to how they address the problem they are attempting to solve, the solutions’ quality and uniqueness, and its real-world level of impact. They also rate according to the innovation culture, approach, process and resources.

In 2018, the list included top 100 companies from more than 1,000 nominations. Infinity Group Australia got selected and evaluated by Inventium. The company was ranked 58th in the Australia Financial Review’s most innovative companies, only five years after its launch. The rank puts it on top of the other nominees by 5.8%. On July 30, 2018, Infinity Group Australia’s founder, Graeme Holm accepted the honour.

Infinity Group Australia started in 2013 by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. The company’s goal involves training people on their finances. Infinity Group Australia grew into one of Australia’s fastest developing companies that reduce debt, helping the people to advance their finances and protect their future. The organization offers the clients a personal banker, detailed reviews, monthly performance reports, and aids clients to create and maintain budgets, to reduce the debt.

Infinity’s detailed reviews ensure success of the client and their total commitment on family mortgage reduction. The monthly performance report, allows the clients determine whether they need to adjust their family budget, or whether their performance is in line with their goals and expectations. Lastly, the banker aids the client to quickly pay off their loans.

The group’s commitment to the customers through these approaches enables success. It results in 100% of debt paid by clients in the first three months compared to the 12 months payments with the old bank system. Also, the clients remove a debt total of $ 41,000 within 12 months.

According to the Bella Vista, New South Wales Sydney, Infinity Group Australia expansion continues. In addition to becoming Australia Financial Review’s top innovative company, the founder is nationally acknowledged as MPA Top 100 Brokers and in 2018, he got the Customer service management with IQPC. Learn more :