How Patience And Persistence Paid Off For Nick Vertucci As He Explains In His Book

It’s not very easy to build a business when you’re practically broke or in heavy debt, but Nick Vertucci did it twice. The second time was when he unlocked the treasures of real estate, though it took hard digging for him to get there. Vertucci faced losing just about everything several times in his endeavor to do this, and he even mentioned that he was struggling with depression during this time. But he stayed patient, and through some advice of other real estate investors who had the experience in the market, Nick Vertucci climbed out of his hole of debt, and that’s why he wrote his book “Seven Figure Decisions” to inspire others who might be facing similar difficulties.

Nick Vertucci came from a very low income family in California, so he already had an uphill climb right from his childhood. Through a series of events, he was able to overcome being homeless and penniless and started a tech-based business. The company did well for several years and Vertucci even had a nice home and got married during that time. But when the tech market went under in 2000, that business closed and Vertucci went practically bankrupt.

Nick Vertucci had always thought real estate was an unrealistic field to get into prior to his old business closing, but being deep in debt and hearing about the potential it offered, he decided he had nothing to lose by trying. While his book certainly discusses the early setbacks he had, he ultimately triumphed in his investments. The process may have been long for Vertucci, but he started the NV Real Estate Academy so that it would be easier for those looking to get into it. The NV Real Estate Academy has had many reviews from people who have been delighted with what they’ve learned and the support network the academy provides.