Madison Street Capital Wins In The Annual M&AAdvisor Awards

One of the prominent figures in the mergers and acquisitions sector was recently recognized for its contributions in the industry during the latest edition of the annual M&A Advisor Awards. The awards event, held at the Metropolitan Club in New York, epitomizes the massive impact the company above, Madison Street Capital, has had on the M&A industry.

This chapter of the awards was extremely competitive with over 650 shortlisted participating firms. Therefore, coming head of the pack to win the prize for Debt deal of the year was no mean fete. In addition to that, the award demonstrates Madison Street Capital’s impressive proficiency in the mergers and acquisitions industry.


The award was in recognition on the part of the company’s part for aiding in the deal for WLR Automotive. Speaking at the awards gala, David Fergusson who is the President of The M&A Advisors, the group organizing the awards, lauded the Madison Street Capital team for exhibiting outstanding traits to win the award ahead of equally impressive candidates.

Madison Street Capital’s boss, Charles Botchway expressed gratitude for the recognition and he did not pass the chance to congratulate WLR Automotive and his group’s Senior MD, Barry Petersen who led the deal that won them the award. Madison Street Capital was also a finalist in two other categories of the awards.

The M&A Advisor awards event aims at celebrating the sector’s leading mergers & acquisitions transactions. This particular edition was held parallel to the M&A Advisor Summit that brought together a range of top experts in the M&A industry. The awards also honored leading figures in the sector with Robert Blumenfeld of ACG New York receiving the Tom Farrell Award while the Leadership Award was awarded to Caesar N. Anquillare of Winchester Capital.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based investment banking group with a global presence with offices in Asia, Africa, and North America. The company provides a wide variety of services including corporate financial advisory services such as mergers & acquisitions expertise, bankruptcy services as well as corporate governance. The group also offers services in business valuation, valuation for financial reporting and wealth preservation and tax planning.

Madison Street Capital has a focus on the middle market and has earned the trust of its customers over the world because of its commendable commitment to excellence and integrity. The firm is also committed to ensuring the satisfaction of its customers by combining expertise and swift response to offer solutions to the problems its clients face. With in-depth knowledge and a long-running practice in the field, Madison Street is highly competent and can meet the expectations of any client, despite the exceptionality of the situation.