Wes Edens Attracts Virgin Investment in His Passenger Railroad

Wesley Edens is the co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. He serves as the company’s private equity, senior investment officer, and he invests in various industries including financial services, the media, healthcare, and infrastructure. Wes Edens is also the firm’s co-chairperson, Co-chief executive officer, president of the private equity, head of the private equity and the principal officer. Learn more at fortress.com for more information.

Early Life, Education, and Career Experience

Before establishing the Fortress Investment group, Wes Edens was a partner and the managing director of the BlackRock Financial Management, Inc. under his name, the Fortress Investment Group has acquired several companies including the purchase of subprime Springfield Financial Services and the Centex Home Equity Company, LLC.

He prepared for the widespread and successful career in finance by studying business administration and finance at Oregon State University. Wes Edens graduated from the university in 1984. Edens has extensive credit, management, and private equity finance expertise as well as the extensive experience as a director and officer of the public companies.

Recently, Brightline, America’s first private intercity passenger railroad announced the new trademark and strategic licensing partnership agreement with the Virgin Group Company, one of the most recognizable brands in hospitality and travel in the whole world. This agreement will allow Brightline Company to leverage Virgin’s Group’s industry-leading expertise and consumer experience to establish an influential new brand, The Virgin Trains USA.

The company established service between Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach in May this year. It currently has the plans to extend to Tampa and Orlando. During the agreement, Wes Edens said that the private sector-led the effort to reformulate passenger rail services in America. The Virgin Group has built a trusted and respected brand in the travel and hospitality sector.

He also said that with the shared focus on consumer experience that is powered by a culture of disruption and innovation, the company is well positioned to build on its success. The Virgin Group has over 60 firms focused on its core customer sectors of leisure and travel, health and wellness as well as financial services.

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