Victoria Doramus Offers Full Support For Best Friends Animal Society

Victoria Doramus is one of those people that has a story that needs to be heard. One that inspires, gives hope, and speaks volumes about the human spirit. With so many stories in the media today focusing on the negative aspects of humanity, it is refreshing to hear one that gives hope to those wanting to live in a better society and world in general. Having conquered addiction in her past, Doramus, a digital and print media professional, had an awakening afterwards that her time on Earth would be better spent returning the favor and providing hope to those that care about animals as much as she does.

Her choice to support the Best Friends Animal Society in New York was the perfect opportunity for her to give back to the community as a whole. Their efforts have been successful in rescuing 1,600 animals so far that would have otherwise been put down due to medical complications that left them afflicted and unable to be cared for or adopted in most cases. They have also been able to successfully link them to families that are wanting to share their love after they have been properly healed from their afflictions.

Their motto is to save them all, which is a far cry from the mentality that was shared in the 1980’s, where countless animals were killed in an effort to combat overpopulation. Unfortunately, older animals and those with illnesses are usually discarded and thought unable to be adopted and cared about as they should have been. Those days are on their way out. People like Doramus and other members of Best Friends Animal Society are making it their mission to change the way animals are treated all over the country. Apart from saving these animals lives, they have been given to new homes where they can be integrated into loving families that appreciate them.

The Best Friends Animal Society is a nonprofit organization that dedicates its time and efforts towards strengthening the animal welfare issues all over this country. The Doramus story is a true inspiration to others that wish to share appreciation for the animal kingdom.

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