How GoBuyside Recruits Investment Management Talents for its Clients

There is a continuous struggle by institutions to get new investment management talents. Most of the Chief Executive Officers from these financial management institutions admit that they are yet to get the right talent. However, GoBuyside has different ways of solving these challenges acknowledged by most corporate executives and human resource directors. One of the perfect ways is to employ the services of experts in investment management recruitment like GoBuyside. These experts do not use a general strategy when doing the hiring that may lead to a recurrence of a particular problem. They instead practically do the recruitment tackling each field at a time rather than the usual ways on paper, and that is how they manage to get the right talent. Read this article at GoBuyside News.

GoBuyside recruitment specialists are better than generalists are because they can access the best investment management talent and reduce opportunity cost tremendously. The specialists reduce the opportunity cost by doing the recruitment exercise at a shorter time than the generalists do. The advantage of speedy recruitment is that the vacant positions are occupied quickly hence maximizing production. Another way of solving the problem is by improving hiring skills. The recruiting specialists keep on updating their staff through training and workshops to make them ready to face any challenges. Using on-demand talent is another way the recruiters use to solve the problem of the talent shortage. They hire short-term and part-time specialists to do particular jobs. Some companies have short-term projects, which don’t require permanent staff.


The advantage of this short-term idea is that the company does not incur the cost of paying permanent staff and there is an opportunity to study the temporary team that may lead to permanent hiring. The other solution to the recruitment challenge applied by specialists like GoBuyside is making sure the recruitment process is well paid. These recruitment specialists encourage companies to fund the recruitment process well to make it successful because it’s not cheap to hire a professional. GoBuyside serves clients like investment companies and hedge funds with professional and cost-effective recruitment services to hire both short time and long-time clients. Read more about GoBuyside at

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