JHSF Chief Zeco Auriemo’s Involvement In Acquiring The Renovation Project Of The Historic Building On 5th Avenue, NYC

Recently, the JHSF developers acquired a project for renovating a historic building on the most sought after residential space present in NYC. The place on the 5th Avenue is on the east side of Central Park, NYC mostly filled with business leaders whereas the apartments on the West Side is occupied by famous people from the entertainment industry that include musicians and filmmakers. The 5th Avenue is known for the influential entrepreneurs, advertisers, and attorneys. Zeco Auriemo, the Chief of JHSF recently took a project to renovate the 14-story residential building on 5th Avenue. The critics had a different perspective to the renovation of the building as it is the oldest building between 59th and 110th series and needed to be preserved as an artifact.

The JHSF is known for building huge shopping complexes and hotels throughout Brazil. The famous one being Cidade Jardim Shopping Complex in Sao Paulo. A year back JHSF renovated a 4-story mansion present in the heart of the city for a whopping $32 million which was recently auctioned and the bid started from $25 million and was later sold on a higher price.

The JHSF has been an influential body in bringing international fashion brands to the stores of his shopping complexes to the delight of the citizens. Currently, they are in talks with major fashion brands for partnership purposes. Zeco Auriemo’s first project abroad was in 2010 which involved the building and managing of the Hotel Fasano Las Piedras in Uruguay. According to analysts the building on the 5th Avenue will be beneficial from the perspective of a brand positioning but not on the financial side. There are beliefs that the JHSF is testing the market like the way it did before making entry to the construction of shopping complexes and hotels. The overall views project JHSF to take over global projects in the upcoming years, visit http://netnoticia.com.br/2018/01/18/saiba-a-razao-de-jose-auriemo-neto-ser-considerado-o-rei-da-incorporacao-de-luxo/.


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