Krishen Iyer on the Success Managed Benefits

Krishen Iyer, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Managed Benefits formerly known as Quick Link Marketing, in a recent interview, reflected on some of the skills he utilizes on a day-to-day basis in order to maximize productivity and results.


He’s a graduate San Diego State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in the area of public administration & urban development. Prior to that, he was also a student at Grossmont College. He is a long-standing California resident, currently living in Fresno, where he routinely participates in local efforts to keep the state and its parks clean. His philanthropic efforts include sponsoring an overseas child as well as routine contributions to Haitian relief endeavors.


In his role as CEO of Managed Benefits, Krishen Iyer utilizes his expertise in client relations, online marketing, and technical development to connect clients to lead generation companies with the capability of meeting each clients particular marketing needs with extremely effective solutions.


His routine responsibilities as CEO of the company include interfacing with clients, marketing Obama and technical development which requires him to arrange his schedule in a manner which keeps his productivity at an optimal level. Typically, this entails starting his day interfacing with clients, which allows him to keep the client’s needs and mind as he moves forward with the rest of his day.


Krishen Iyer believes advances in data collection and analytics can be used by the company to create precise growth strategies that reduce the company’s risk while simultaneously increasing the feasibility of the strategy.


One key business idea Mr. Iyer believes all entrepreneurs should utilize is the implementation of new technological innovations, which he says have made it much simpler to establish connections. Many tech companies he says have concentrated their efforts to create various products and services which are designed to cultivate connections between companies seeking a type of particular product or service in the companies offering them.

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