OSI Group Has Maintained The Leading Position In The Food Processing Market

Today, there are few other companies in the market that can even come close to competing with OSI Group, a leading manufacturer, and processor of food products that are distributed all over the world. The majority of the companies locations are spread out through America, Asia, and Europe, but it distributes to dozens of different countries around the globe. OSI Group was first found back in 1907 by a man that moved over from Germany, Otto. Otto started up a small meat market in his region and slowly built the company over the years, rising above his competition in the Chicago area. The company became Otto & Sons in 1928 when Otto’s sons joined in as partners for the company, bringing in the added help that was needed to expand the company even further throughout the area.

One of the biggest changes for the company in terms of success was when they acquired new contracts with McDonald’s. Because of McDonald’s new leadership that was occurring at the time, Ray Kroc managed to take over the company and was looking for a food processor. As technology continued to develop and new techniques hit the market for preserving foods, OSI Group managed to use these new methods for freezing their meat and became the leading meat processor in the country. As McDonald’s continued to grow and provide top quality patties internationally, OSI Group had bigger demand on their hands and needed additional help in terms of financial management.

Sheldon Lavin joined up with OSI Group in the 1970’s acting as a financial advisor and consultant to the companies owners. During this time, OSI Group was able to grow tremendously thanks to Sheldon’s efforts in the financial department. Eventually, Sheldon was made the president of the corporation by the original founders, allowing him to change the name of the company to the OSI Group.

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