Madison Street Capital Works With Napoleon Machine To Help Raise The Capital It Needs To Succeed recently published an article about the international investment banking firm Madison Street Capital, which took on the role of an advisor for Napoleon Machine as it looked to build a credit facility. Napoleon Machine was created in 2010 and provides manufacturing services to its clients. The credit facility was offered up by Sterling Commercial Credit, and the deal was sealed thanks to Madison Capital. Barry Petersen, Senior Managing Director with Madison Capital, commented that the facility will help to give Napoleon Machine more operating capital, which will allow the company to grow its offerings as a manufacturer.


The President of Napoleon Machine, Kevin Febrey, talked-up Madison Street Capital and revealed that the company had truly listened to Napoleon Machine’s story in order to explain how the deal would benefit the marketplace. He also said that Madison Street understood where his company was at and that Napoleon Machine can now work with a lot more capital that will help it to expand. It is his hope that Madison Street Capital will continue to work with his company going into the future so it has many more opportunities to expand its offerings.


Madison Street Capital is a global, middle market investment banking firm that works with variety of clients that come from many different industries. The company is dedicated to offering some of the best corporate financial advisory services, valuation services, and acquisition and merger advice to, both, private and public businesses. The company knows that every client it serves has unique needs, and this means that analysis is a key factor to offering the kind of precise and helpful advice it can. Every clients’ goals become the goals of Madison Street, and the company sees emerging markets as the key factor in creating international growth for its clients.


Madison Street was created in 2005 and has offices in Asia, North America, and Africa and has been a leader in its industry since day one. The company has gained the trust of its clients, who come from all over the globe, by remaining dedicated to focusing on its integrity, transparency, consistency, and its clients needs above everything else. Middle market companies must identify the best corporate finance advisor that fits in with their goals. They also have to do plenty of research and due diligence to ensure that the advisor they pick will have their best interests in mind. The great thing about Madison Street Capital is that they have a history of being the best among the best in the investment banking sector. This means that business owners can forego having to spend time and money, because Madison Street’s reputation speaks for itself.


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