Michael Lacey bettering the lives of people by use of math

Math is not easy for many people but for Michael Lacey that has not been a challenge for him. He has tried a lot to learn all that math involves and how the people can be helped, that’s why he works his best to have the needed experience so that to teach the people. Michael wants math to be helpful to the people, and at the same time, they should know what they are doing and learn that for math it can be important in the life of someone. That’s the main reason why he is interested in giving the people the right knowledge to learn about the positive of math. Through his teaching, he explains in a way that he will tell people of how different math problems can be solved so that in the situation they are working with they can get more.

In 1996 that’s when he joined the Georgian Tech faculty, in the institute the students get the right knowledge when it comes to math to make them advanced students. In the testing opportunities that the students have been given, they have scored more than the average score, and they finish knowing so much about math. That’s one of the reasons why he is different from the other professors. The confidence that Michael Lacey has is that he will assist anyone that might need his help to solve anything.

For the students that he teaches then, he gives his level best to them in expanding their knowledge and guiding them on the right path that they should take. For math, it’s a helpful tool that if used right then someone will benefit a lot. Michael will encourage his students that if they remain committed, then math can make a difference in their lives. That’s what he did too, he recognized that math for him was easy and he chose the opportunity that math had to offer. He attended the University of Illinois in 1987 that was located in Urbana where he attained his Ph.D.

Before he joined the Georgia Institute of technology, the first position that he held was postdoctoral at Louisiana State University. He later moved to the Indiana University where he maintained the position from 1989 to 1996. While at the university that’s where he received the fellowship of the National Science Foundation. It was during the time of the tenure of the fellowship that he got the interest to study bilinear Hilbert transform.

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