The Donating Dick DeVos

What would you give to if you had the extra money to donate? Money is a large part of the way we live and what we do with it can show what is close to our hearts. Giving money to a cause shows true dedication as to what we want to change. That is why I find the donations of large amounts by the DeVos family, gives us a sneak peak of what they are really like.

Dick and Betsy DeVos have poured funds into many different charities and other organizations. It seems that most of their giving ties back into the fundamental basic of education. Whether it be going towards reforming our school systems, general education, or a more aesthetic based education, the DeVos family is more than generous. This is huge! This type of giving changes lives and opens opportunities for so many children and even adults. Education holds a lot of power. Dick DeVos and his family are pouring into others and giving them one of the most important things possible.

Some are skeptical about the DeVos charitable acts due to their political views and roles, but this is bigger than politics. They are giving back to the community on many levels. They are pouring their funds into educational purposes and human resources. They’re not paying to change minds, they gifting to give minds a chance to flourish and grow. They want what is best for this country’s educational system and the education of us individually.

Dick DeVos and his family are very successful. After working his way to presidency in a large company, Dick continued to work hard. With his strong work ethics and commitment, the company thrived, bringing in a large pay as well. With this success, the DeVos family did not just spoil themselves with material riches. The family decided to give something a lot less tangible and a lot more purposeful back to the community. With giving hearts, this family is feeding the minds of many. An education can change the coarse of a life, and they are hoping that is what their funds are doing.


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